Governing Board

In a Free School, the governance structure has two layers: Members of the Gildredge House Free School Trust, with their own specific responsibilities, and the Board of Governors, where each person fulfils the role of Governor, Director and Trustee.

As Governors, we are aware that the specific knowledge, skills and experience that we bring to our roles can contribute significantly to our overall strategic effectiveness. We are also committed to ongoing training and development opportunities. The Governing Board currently includes ten Governors appointed by the Members, two Members of the Trust, and two elected parent Governors, all volunteering their time to support and challenge the school in order to raise standards of achievement for all students.

The Board of Governors meetings are held throughout the year. Governors are linked to specific curriculum areas, undertake regular monitoring visits and aim to attend as many school events and open days as possible.

Should a person wish to make contact with members of the Governing Board they may do so via the Clerk to the Governors, Miss R Alsam, at


Richard Thornhill  Chair of Governing Board Member of the Gildredge House Free School Trust. Chair of Enterprise Committee and Governor of Education Committee
Julian Mace Vice Chair of Governors Admissions Committee. Enterprise Committee
Rif Aslam Clerk to the Governing Board  
Craig Bull Executive Head Teacher and Governor (Ex. Officio)  
Martyn Ashley Taylor Governor Enterprise Committee
Louise Baxter Governor Education Committee
Athanasios Lamprakis Governor Enterprise Committee
Gabrielle Mace Governor Member of Gildredge House Free School Trust. Chair of Admissions Committee. Education Committee.
Lea Owen Governor Chair of Education Committee
Katharine Paradas Governor Education Committee. Lead Governor Literacy
Jonathan Searle Governor Education Committee
Joyce Swann Governor Vice Chair of Education Committee. Lead Governor for Ofsted, Curriculum, Literacy and Safeguarding.
Firle Beckley  Parent Governor Education Committee. Joint Lead Governor for SEND
Nicoleta Uzorka Ion Parent Governor Education Committee. Joint Lead Governor for SEND and Lead Governor Careers.


Historic (left within last 12 months):

  • Chloe Taylor: 01/09/21 - 25/10/22
  • Paul Amos: 01/11/19 - 09/02/23
  • Alison Allart: 01/02/17 - 28/04/23
  • Trevor Scott: 01/10/14 - 08/06/23
  • Marilyn Benzing: 16/10/19 - 24/01/24
  • Glyn Freeman: 21/05/20 - 28/03/24

To find out more about the remit of the members, please refer to the Governance Structure and Terms of Reference document below.

Further information on the Gildredge House trustees and members, including historical Governance information for the past 12 months, can be found on the Gildredge House establishment page of the Get Information About Schools website.