Reception Transition

Welcome to our Reception Transition webpage! Gildredge House is a family school with a warm atmosphere, where we see our students develop from age 4 to age 19. We are a school for the local community; we have high expectations of behaviour and hard work and how, especially in these challenging times, it is important to be resilient in the face of difficult circumstances.

Throughout the Early Years and into our Primary phase, we seek to foster a caring and supportive learning environment, where all students are encouraged to actively engage in their learning, both inside and outside the classroom. If you choose our school, I can guarantee that your child will get muddy, face challenges to overcome and above all, be excited about learning with the many friends they will make.

Gildredge House staff are extraordinary, they will go the extra mile and support your child to enable them to reach their full potential, improve their life chances and be successful for years to come. Students leave our school with high levels of self-confidence and positivity, they will mature emotionally and socially and they will aim to excel academically. They will then be ready for the next part of their amazing journey.

Please take the time to view our Primary phase videos which will give you a flavour of what a school day in the Reception classes will look like for your child.

With my best wishes,

Mrs H Punter-Bruce, Head of Primary

Primary Phase Video 

The Admissions Process