Careers in Primary

 Our primary careers programme is delivered through cross-curricular activities such as Personal Social and Health Education (Jigsaw programme), work topics, careers days, assemblies, enterprise activities and competitions, annual careers fair, letter and CV writing, job applications, workshops, online activities and outdoor activities. Students also have an opportunity to visit a university or college, engage in career workshops and listen to community member’s talk about their jobs and through visiting workplaces.

Career learning is about encouraging students to Aspire to achieve their dream career whilst broadening their possibilities and horizons.  Students are supported to develop the skills and personal resilience needed which will enable them to be successful young adults in a wider, growing world”. 

Mr. Craig Bull

Head Teacher

 The Gildredge House Primary Careers programme is underpinned by the School’s vision and values; ASPIRE. Students are encouraged from a young age to have personal autonomy, to be aspirational and to consider their choices not only for themselves, but think about how they affect others around them too, all the while, contributing through everything that they do.

  1. Gaining personal autonomy by aspiring to achieve their potential and beyond
  2. Realising aspiration and recognising the opportunities available to them as they reach key stage three
  3. Aspire to work collaboratively with other communities and to experience personal, social and economic wellbeing and to be responsible, global citizens, contributing to a better world
  4. Career choices in relation to learning, leisure and work so they are able to contribute to their wider society
  5. Work collaboratively within their local, national and global communities
ASPIRE values in careers education
  1. Personal Autonomy through Ambition Students are taught to become ambitious enterprisers, optimistic, adaptable and resilient 
  2. Knowledge and skill development through Perseverance Help students to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to get and keep fulfilling job.
  3. Learner Voice through Reflection Give students a say in their own personal development so that they stay motivated and engaged, learning about their strengths as well as their weaknesses
  4. Good Work through AmbitionHelping students to recognise and to aspire to decent employment by relishing challenges and taking on new opportunities, whilst striving to do their best
  5. Sustainability though Support Helping students to understand that positive careers choices needs to be based on sustainable living and working and supporting ourselves and others to achieve this
  6. Social Justice through Integrity - Helping students to recognise and tackle the barriers to fair and equal treatment, including challenging stereotyping and discrimination

Career Development Framework - Primary