Who We Are

From Year 3, we have the opportunity to read some exciting books in our two libraries. We are passionate about reading great stories and will make recommendations to others on what to read.

What We Do

We work with a partner to ensure our two libraries continue to stay tidy and welcoming. We add new books to our bookshelves and make sure that the different genres are well organised. We support reading events in school and promote reading. We also review new books and let others know what we think about them.

Job Description

Learn more about the Librarian role in the document below.

Primary Librarian Job Description

Why We Want to be Librarians

“Because the first time I picked up a book I felt like I was part of the story and I’d like other people to experience that. I could do this in the role of librarian by promoting reading and all the brilliant books available.” Year 4 Librarian

“I would like to share my love of reading and books with other students. I think the library is a great learning environment. I want to be helpful and responsible.” Year 4 Librarian