Donations and Sponsorship

Gildredge House is run by the Trustees of the Gildredge House Free School Trust and donations may be made to the school through a Standing Order for regular payments or by electronic transfer for a one off payment. Parents can also donate via the online payment system, sQuid.

Donations made to Gildredge House will be used for the development of the school and to enhance the education environment for the students. The details of the latest projects for the school can be found here shortly.

If you wish to talk about a significant donation to the school please contact the Director of Finance and Administration, Mrs J Logan, by email on

If you are a parent, then you may wish to make a donation via sQuid where a payment option has been specifically set up by the school to receive parental donations to provide for wider opportunities and an enriched education environment for the children.

Donations in Kind

Many businesses choose to support the school through Donations in Kind – making donations of gifts, services or experiences which we can either use directly in the delivery of or to raise funds for our school. You would be surprised at what we can make use of, and welcome enquiries from all organisations and individuals about potential Donations in Kind. We can arrange suitable levels of publicity for your donation so your stakeholders know how you have contributed to the education environment at Gildredge House.

Why Donate in Kind to Gildredge House?
  • Support school projects with items that may have little cost to you
  • Gain publicity from donations

If you would like to make a Donation in Kind, please complete your details using the Donation in Kind Form.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Gildredge House is keen to further develop the beautiful Victorian building known as Master’s House. The school has launched a campaign to enhance the building and provide extra space for our much used facilities. We are looking to raise £500,000 to allow us to deliver an outstanding school and community asset and/or business partnership opportunity.

We are passionate about this project which is why we are seeking to establish collaborations with businesses for the benefit of our students and the local community.

Why sponsor Gildredge House?

  • Gildredge House Free School is an exceptional learning environment.
  • The Gildredge House Free School Trust has delivered an outstanding solution to the challenge of insufficient primary school places faced by East Sussex County Council.
  • The school makes an outstanding contribution to students’ personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. They are extremely well prepared for life in modern Britain.
  • Students are encouraged to explore their creativity through music, drama and art. Students explore culture through the learning of a range of languages, including Latin.
  • 1024 students on roll, rising to 1400 in the next two years.
  • 50+ Twilight Activities (extra-curricular).
  • The fundraising will provide opportunities for greater use of the school facilities by the wider Eastbourne community (population 103,000 in 2016).
  • Potential press and media opportunities.
  • Opportunity for business logo to feature on: the VIP Partner board in the School Office Reception Foyer or the Gildredge House website or online newsletters (termly).
  • Opportunity to be invited to school events and allowed to bring promotional material for a VIP stand.

We have a range of sponsorship packages available, including:

  • Link your business’s name to one of the school’s facilities  e.g. Master’s House, Sports Hall, ICT Suites, Atrium, or Oasis Centre
  • Headline a Presentation Evening event

Sponsorship and advertising options can be discussed on an individual basis. Please contact the Director of Finance and Administration, Mrs J Logan, for further information on