Student & Parent Testimonials

Some comments from our recent Parent Survey (May 2014)

We are really happy with our first year at Gildredge House and look forward to sharing the next 14 with a fantastic team. It felt a little like a leap into the unknown before the school opened, but since joining on the very first day we have had every confidence in them! Thank you.

I cannot sing GH’s praises enough. My son is ready and waiting at the door half an hour before he has to leave, and was even upset that there was no school on Bank Holiday Monday.

Gildredge House is a good example of what can be achieved through outstanding leadership based on a clear, shared vision. Well done, everybody.

I think Gildredge House is wonderful and I am truly delighted that my son goes to this unique school. I find the school a breath of fresh air in today's current school climate. I have two children at different senior schools locally and I know how special my child's time in your reception in comparison to their experiences. I am delighted that he is so happy and secure at your school. I smile when my son talks about his day and comes home full of positivity. I simply love the ethos of Gildredge House and whose teachers are creating a school with a vision and aim that I wholeheartedly support and agree with.

The students always look smart - I think this is so important. There is a great enthusiasm and buzz around the school, I hope this continues. We couldn’t be happier.

I could not be happier with Gildredge House, my son is thriving and as I parent I feel that every decision made has been carefully thought through with the best interests of the children in mind.

This, in my opinion, is a private school, without the fees. Amazing choice of twilight activities, and prep done at school with supervision, if needed. All the teachers are unbelievably enthusiastic. The school is newly refurbished with lovely clean and bright classrooms. The facilities will be amazing, with a new sports centre and wing being built currently. All of the Trustees and Governors are 100% behind this project and the Head Mistress is superb. The opportunities are incredible for all students that attend.

This year has been absolutely fantastic. It’s more than we could have wished for and feel privileged to be part of the school’s development.

I have been extremely pleased with the year so far at Gildredge House and believe the children have had a very positive and exciting start to their secondary education. Any issues have been dealt with promptly and effectively and I look forward to the school developing further.

We have been thrilled by the first year of Gildredge House. After 7 difficult years of schooling, my son is excited to go to school, proud to be able to represent his house and school and has been given the opportunity to begin developing to his full potential.

Thank you for easing my daughter into the next phase of her education. She is a different child, much more confident in all aspects of life and is enjoying it immensely. Definitely the right choice for us.

One of the things I love the most is the strong sense of community and belonging. I hope that continues as the school grows.

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